A Big Car Sale At Cottonwood Mall.

Cottonwood Mall will be hosting a car sale. Over 500 used cars will be on site – including; Fleet Liquidations, factory surplus vehicles, bank repossessions and more. Local New Mexico Credit Unions will be on site with financing options for all credit situations. Simply sign and drive.  Zero down will be in effect *.  Selling all these cars is our goal with every vehicle discounted to do so.  We accept ALL trades paying – you up to 4500 more for your trade.  Don’t miss this chance to save.  Call me personally for full details.  (505) 369-9286 (Map Below)


Just look for the tent behind old navy.

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Ronnie Lucero, Sale Coordinator.  (505) 369-9286

* All offers on approved credit.  Sponsors include Melloy Nissan and Melloy Dodge.  Down payment requirements may vary.  Negative equity to be added to loan amount.  call or see us for details.


Drop In For The Most Exciting Offers Of The Season. A Holiday Event At #MelloyNissan

Holiday Event Albuquerque

Drop in today for the most exciting offers of the season.  The New Nissan you’ve been dreaming about is waiting for you at Melloy Nissan.  Our biggest sale of the year starts Friday!  We have 639 Brand New Nissans and one of them has your name on it. Management has said that’s 139 too many and we have to move them by January 2nd. We will do whatever it takes to move this excess inventory and you will never see deals like we will be making for the next 8 days!

Interest rates are as low as 0.0% for 72 mos.  and we will have lenders on site to accept all credit applications.  If you have been told you are “Upside Down” in your trade don’t worry.  We will be allowing up to 120% or $4000 over nada book for your trade during the last 8 days of the year.  Brand New Nissans start at $11,495.  During this end of the year event all of our pre-owned inventory will be specially priced for big savings!

Call 888-274-7706 or reply or visit www.melloynissan.com to take advantage of the last big sales event of the year.  Don’t wait!  Special incentives and rates expire on January 2nd.


So You Own A 4×4, But Do You Actually Use Your 4×4 ? Now’s The Time To Start!!

Nothing screams off-roading, getting the Nissan Dirty as much as warm summer weather! All over New Mexico you’ll find great places to take your vehicle off-roading!  I personally love beaver town just south of central as you head towards Edgewood!  Heck even Elephant butte offers fun off-road challenges for my Nissan Frontier!  Just be sure to avoid the Rangers because lately they hate people off-roading in Beaver town!  There are so many companies that offer off-road lift kits for Nissan Vehicles!  My personal favorite brand is Calmini!  Calmini builds lift kits for all tastes!  Visit there website to learn more!  Below is my personal favorite lift by Calmini.  It’s the solid front axel swap for Nissan Frontier and Xterra!


All to often I see people buy 4x4s but never off-road!  Do you agree with me on this claim? Please share a picture of your Nissan Off-Roading experiences on my Facbook page to receive a $1000 off your next purchase at Melloy Nissan!  Yes great rebates and a additional 1000 off add up to a great deal!

See our Off-Road Selection Today!

Rob Melloy    

Throwing The Biggest Car Sale Of The Year! That’s How We Welcome Spring At Melloy Nissan. Join Us On The Fairgrounds.

Hello guys Rob Melloy here. I want to share with everyone that we are throwing a huge sale on the New Mexico Fair Grounds Thursday through Monday this week. 4 credit unions will be on site offering special financing just for this sale. The rates and car deals are the best I’ve seen in years and this is all possible because of our New Mexico Credit unions. People have many tastes when it comes to vehicles so we have over 1000 vehicles to choose from. All special priced for this sale. Stop by and take advantage of huge savings, and a fun event. Come by Melloy Nissan 7707 lomas 87110 Thursday – Monday March 13th – 17th and well drive you down to this special sale happening on the fair grounds. I hope to see all our Facebook fans at this sale. The deals and rates through our New Mexico credit unions are the best I’ve seen in years.
-Rob Melloy
Contact my staff for more details. Remember meet us at Melloy Nissan 7707 Lomas 87110 any time of the day. And follow us down to this huge sale. 1000 vehicles to choose from march 13th – 17th.


Nissan Altima V8 Super-Car??? This is just too AWESOME! I want one now!!!

This year Nissan has been changing many of there current designs, while developing countless new concept car designs!  Now Nissan is throwing V8 engines in Nissan Altima’s?? This news surprised me because one would always suspect Nissan would throw a V8 in a GT-R or even a 370z, but the Nissan Altima?  See Video Below:




See our selection of Nissan Altima’s today

This is all coming together for me now and makes beautiful sense!!!  Why not use the Nissan Altima!  The Nissan Altima is Nissan’s top seller so why not make this car more appealing to a larger audience!!  Why not creep into other manufactures v8 car market! I’m not sure we’ll see a Nissan Altima with a V8 engine in the states, but Nissan is totally planning something here using V8 engines in cars! Just the fact that they are investing time and money into this leads me to believe that Nissan does have plans for some sort of V8 car in the Future!  I mean first you have the Nissan IDX car going into production, and news of the next generation Z car going turbo!  Nissan also went public with news that Nissan Frontier and Titan will receive diesel engines!  With all this said i’m ready to hear news soon on what Nissan Plans to do with these V8 engines!!!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they throw these bad boy v8s under the hood of a Nissan Altima, because that would be just too awesome!!  See video Below, and please comment sharing your thoughts as to why Nissan is putting v8 engines in Altimas!  See our selection of Nissan Altima’s today

-Robert Melloy  

All social media fans save big though me when you mention my name!!!  Hope all you guys have a great week and thank you for following and supporting Melloy Nissan!!! 

Nissan 370z Nismo Makes Top 10 Future Collectible Cars List! One More Reason To Purchase One Today!

Hello Fans Rob Melloy here, and I want you to know that people are crazy for the Nismo 370z car!  I recently found a article that Nissan posted to their Facebook!  The article from www.autoguide.com lists the Nismo 370z as a future collector car. This news is no surprise to me…  Ever since I began blogging I have always shared my passion for the Nismo 370z car!


See our 370z selection today

This car has been a super seller at Melloy Nissan since it’s release in 2009!  The Nismo 370 car looks great, drifts great, has tons of power, and throws you back in the seat when you hit the gas! I’ve driven them many times!  It’s no surprise to me that the Nismo 370z car was ranked # 7 for future collectible cars on http://www.autoguide.com.  When you combine price and features the Nismo 370z is a affordable sports car that will hold it’s value and demand in the future!

See our 370z selection today


Even at Auction I’ve personally seen trends that indicate the Nismo 370z is a highly sought after car! Now is the time to buy a 370z Nismo!  If your in the market get your hands on one of these bad boys because, current trends indicate to me and http://www.autoguide.com that this car could be worth a pretty penny down the road!! Original article is below my promotions!

See our 370z selection today

Hashtag and Save $1000 off your Next 370z Nismo

Here is the original article from autoguide.com enjoy see what other cars made their list!

-Robert Melloy

It’s almost no surprise to see the popular Nissan 370Z Nismo on the list, priced from $43,830. The Japanese automaker’s sports car has reinvented the brand ever since the 350Z made its return back on the market. Powered by a 3.7-liter V6 with 350 hp and 276 lb-ft of torque, the 370Z Nismo isn’t just all about sheer acceleration – it’s a handling machine. With impressive braking power and impressive all-around performance, it’s one of the best sports coupes on the market money can buy. Don’t expect to get your MPG though, as the 370Z Nismo is gets a 18-mpg city, 26-mpg highway rating.

2007 Nissan Xterra Off-Road For Sale $11,995 In Albuquerque NM.

We just traded for a 2007 Nissan Xterra Off-Road edition 4×4!  This vehicle has been very well cared for and has only 107k miles!  When you check out a Carfax history report you will notice that this Xterra is a 1 owner vehicle!


What makes this Xterra so special is the fact this is comes loaded with the Off-Road package!  The off Road Package is great for us off Road Enthusiasts because the package offers locking differentials!  The advantage is that when the locker is engaged, the rear wheels are locked together so that they turn at the same rate.  It’s superb for low-traction situations where one tire is slipping and you can’t get free.  Lets call this a escape button!  Even just the plain old 4wd in this Xterra is superb!


This Xterra also comes loaded with: Rockford Fosgate premium sound system!  Don’t miss out on this great offer this vehicle with all the bells and whistles retails for $13995, but is being discounted to all social media fans to a price of $11995!  This vehicle will sell super fast so contact us today @ http://bit.ly/1ew5shI  Vehicle has a 6 speed manual transmission.


See this Xterra Today:  http://bit.ly/1ew5shI


See my promotions for the month of February!

Warm February Weather Means Hotter Car Deals In Albuquerque!


This warm weather is awesome, and I want to celebrate with our Customers!  Here are Six Nissan Vehicles that I think deserve big savings with warmer weather!

We are a New Mexico Nissan dealership where you’ll always find a great monthly sale going on!  Melloy Nissan has tons of websites and pages spread across the Internet, and amongst all those page we have one promotional page and you my friend have landed on it!  Every month is different with a it’s own unique sale occurring!  Also find out how you can save a $1000 dollars when you #Hashtag #MelloyNissan!  Hope to see you soon!!  -Robert Melloy 

2013 Nissan Rogue $260/mo

STK #RG08893 Sale Price $19750 260/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

Nissan Versa $157/mo


STK #V08840 Sale Price $11,925 $157/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Sentra $210/mo

2014 Nissan Sentra New Mexico

STK # s09020 Sale Price $15965 $210/mo 0 down 84 mo @ 2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Altima $250/mo 2014_Nissan_Altima_Albuquerque

STK #A09018 Sale Price $18995 $250/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Maxima $368/mo 2014_Nissan_Maxima_New_Mexico

STK #M08680 Sale Price $27,990  $368/mo 0 down 84/mo @ 2.84% apr

2013 Nissan Juke $250/mo 2014_Nissan_Juke_albuquerque

STK #JU07889 Sale Price $18995 $250/mo 0 down 84/mo @ 2.84% apr

Take advantage of Februarys current sales and Contact Us Today!  Remember you save money when you #Hasthag! 

Albuquerque Snow Day Car Sale! Celebrate The Snow Albuquerque

Hello New Mexico!  There’s a dealership that goes by the name of: Melloy Nissan!  At Melloy Nissan there’s manger named non other than Robert Melloy!  When it snows Rob enjoys finding the residents of New Mexico great deals on 4×4 vehicles, so they can drive to the ski slopes in style!  Check out our selection of 4x4s today       http://bit.ly/LQKynd