AMAZING Aerial Footage of Nismo 370z tech as it races towards Carlsbad Carverns National Park.

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The Nismo 370z is one of my favorites at Melloy Nissan, and it always gets our customers attention when they see it on our showroom floor.  There a few key features that make the Nismo 370z stand out in a crowd such as: a makeover in the form of a new bodykit that gives it that GT-R look, more horsepower than a standard 370z, and also “S Mode” that is used for rev matching in the manual option.  Under the hood you’ll a 3.7 L v6 that puts out 350hp.

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Below: is a video customers Brad and Michelle Rodriquez shot over the weekend after adding a brand new 370z Nismo to their Z car family. They took their new ride to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and recorded this exciting weekend getaway with some awesome aerial footage. Their daughter followed behind in her 350z as wingman for the drive. We would like to thank the Rodriquez family for this amazing video about their adventure in southern New Mexico. We would also like to thank salesman Shannon and his manager Ronnie Lucero for helping them get a great deal on their new car.  If you’re in the market for new car stop by and ask for Ronnie Lucero or Robert Melloy for employee pricing on your next vehicle.

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Nissan 370z Nismo Makes Top 10 Future Collectible Cars List! One More Reason To Purchase One Today!

Hello Fans Rob Melloy here, and I want you to know that people are crazy for the Nismo 370z car!  I recently found a article that Nissan posted to their Facebook!  The article from lists the Nismo 370z as a future collector car. This news is no surprise to me…  Ever since I began blogging I have always shared my passion for the Nismo 370z car!


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This car has been a super seller at Melloy Nissan since it’s release in 2009!  The Nismo 370 car looks great, drifts great, has tons of power, and throws you back in the seat when you hit the gas! I’ve driven them many times!  It’s no surprise to me that the Nismo 370z car was ranked # 7 for future collectible cars on  When you combine price and features the Nismo 370z is a affordable sports car that will hold it’s value and demand in the future!

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Even at Auction I’ve personally seen trends that indicate the Nismo 370z is a highly sought after car! Now is the time to buy a 370z Nismo!  If your in the market get your hands on one of these bad boys because, current trends indicate to me and that this car could be worth a pretty penny down the road!! Original article is below my promotions!

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Here is the original article from enjoy see what other cars made their list!

-Robert Melloy

It’s almost no surprise to see the popular Nissan 370Z Nismo on the list, priced from $43,830. The Japanese automaker’s sports car has reinvented the brand ever since the 350Z made its return back on the market. Powered by a 3.7-liter V6 with 350 hp and 276 lb-ft of torque, the 370Z Nismo isn’t just all about sheer acceleration – it’s a handling machine. With impressive braking power and impressive all-around performance, it’s one of the best sports coupes on the market money can buy. Don’t expect to get your MPG though, as the 370Z Nismo is gets a 18-mpg city, 26-mpg highway rating.