Top 10 Reasons You Should Drive A Convertible This Summer! By: Robert Melloy #SummerTimeBlues


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We have a mad case of the Summer Time Blues at Melloy Nissan! We will raise a fuss and raise a holler about why now is such a great time to drive a convertible! We have many used convertibles of all … Continue reading

So You Own A 4×4, But Do You Actually Use Your 4×4 ? Now’s The Time To Start!!

Nothing screams off-roading, getting the Nissan Dirty as much as warm summer weather! All over New Mexico you’ll find great places to take your vehicle off-roading!  I personally love beaver town just south of central as you head towards Edgewood!  Heck even Elephant butte offers fun off-road challenges for my Nissan Frontier!  Just be sure to avoid the Rangers because lately they hate people off-roading in Beaver town!  There are so many companies that offer off-road lift kits for Nissan Vehicles!  My personal favorite brand is Calmini!  Calmini builds lift kits for all tastes!  Visit there website to learn more!  Below is my personal favorite lift by Calmini.  It’s the solid front axel swap for Nissan Frontier and Xterra!


All to often I see people buy 4x4s but never off-road!  Do you agree with me on this claim? Please share a picture of your Nissan Off-Roading experiences on my Facbook page to receive a $1000 off your next purchase at Melloy Nissan!  Yes great rebates and a additional 1000 off add up to a great deal!

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Warm February Weather Means Hotter Car Deals In Albuquerque!


This warm weather is awesome, and I want to celebrate with our Customers!  Here are Six Nissan Vehicles that I think deserve big savings with warmer weather!

We are a New Mexico Nissan dealership where you’ll always find a great monthly sale going on!  Melloy Nissan has tons of websites and pages spread across the Internet, and amongst all those page we have one promotional page and you my friend have landed on it!  Every month is different with a it’s own unique sale occurring!  Also find out how you can save a $1000 dollars when you #Hashtag #MelloyNissan!  Hope to see you soon!!  -Robert Melloy 

2013 Nissan Rogue $260/mo

STK #RG08893 Sale Price $19750 260/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

Nissan Versa $157/mo


STK #V08840 Sale Price $11,925 $157/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Sentra $210/mo

2014 Nissan Sentra New Mexico

STK # s09020 Sale Price $15965 $210/mo 0 down 84 mo @ 2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Altima $250/mo 2014_Nissan_Altima_Albuquerque

STK #A09018 Sale Price $18995 $250/mo 0 down 84 mo @2.84% apr

2014 Nissan Maxima $368/mo 2014_Nissan_Maxima_New_Mexico

STK #M08680 Sale Price $27,990  $368/mo 0 down 84/mo @ 2.84% apr

2013 Nissan Juke $250/mo 2014_Nissan_Juke_albuquerque

STK #JU07889 Sale Price $18995 $250/mo 0 down 84/mo @ 2.84% apr

Take advantage of Februarys current sales and Contact Us Today!  Remember you save money when you #Hasthag! 

Albuquerque Snow Day Car Sale! Celebrate The Snow Albuquerque

Hello New Mexico!  There’s a dealership that goes by the name of: Melloy Nissan!  At Melloy Nissan there’s manger named non other than Robert Melloy!  When it snows Rob enjoys finding the residents of New Mexico great deals on 4×4 vehicles, so they can drive to the ski slopes in style!  Check out our selection of 4x4s today