Top 10 Reasons You Should Drive A Convertible This Summer! By: Robert Melloy #SummerTimeBlues

We have a mad case of the Summer Time Blues at Melloy Nissan! We will raise a fuss and raise a holler about why now is such a great time to drive a convertible! We have many used convertibles of all makes at Melloy Nissan, and lot’s of 370z convertibles.  I will hook all readers of this blog up with a solid deal on any New or Used Car!  Just mention my name Robert Melloy…  My name goes far at Melloy Nissan…

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My Summer Time Blues has been nagging at me this long dull winter.  I can’t seem to get convertibles, loud music, jet-skis, and camping off my mind!  Now that summer is right around the corner I would like to share with you 10 reasons you should drive a convertible.  

Reason 1:  Whether you like Luke Bryan or Taylor Swift, let the world know.  Don’t be afraid to blast your music when you drive a convertible.  Not only do you get attention from Albuquerque drivers, you’ll possible get the attention of a pretty lady who also jams out to Taylor Swift.  

Reason 2:  You’re sexy and you know it!!  When we drive all sheltered in our hard tops know one knows how great you look…  So put that top down and let the whole world see you outer beauty.  Show that pretty face!

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Reason 3:  Whether your convertible is Worth $500 dollars or a $100,000 dollars you’ll still look cooler than the cool kids…  Lets be honest just the fact that you’re driving a convertible makes a solid statement about your self confidence.  You’ve gone out of your way to be noticed and bad coolness lies in the person not the car the person drives.  Well maybe a little in the car you drive 😀



Reason 4:  First dates are just so much better under starlight!!  We all dream of romantic nights under the stars.  I don’t know why but i’ve always been highly successful with my dates when I show up with the convertible top down!!! There’s something about starlight and my good looks that makes my dates beg for me to roll up in my convertible the following night.  

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Reason 5:  Making Goofy faces at fellow drivers…  Yes if you open your mouth and the car is going 80 mph with the top down you’ll look totally silly.  I remember my teen years driving on the freeway to phoenix making faces at everyone we passed.  Unfortunately i’m afraid I might of drooled on my fellow passengers.  But hey we got noticed and that is what a convertible is all about.  

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Reason 6:  You can tan like Crazy.  Maybe even a full body tan…  Yes drive around almost completely naked or naked I won’t judge, it’s totally your choice.  People will probably not see you anyway.  Just avoid lifted trucks and semis.  They have a birds eye view of what’s happening, but once again who cares what others think.  You’re driving a convertible, you’re confident and want the world to know every thing about you!!!

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Reason 7:  It’s a cool car regardless of how many cylinders you’re rocking under the hood. Whether you’re running on your last cylinder, or you’re rocking a turbo V6 you’ll look cool no matter what.  Only if you live the part! Confidence is key. “Mike Lee Internet Manger”

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Reason 8:  Now you have a reason to show up to work as a hot mess.  Why bother styling that hair for the convertible treatment.  Forget it, sleep that extra 20 minuets and show up to work rocking you’re natural beauty.  Be rebellious you’re driving a convertible.  You’re a natural trend setter.

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Reason 9:  All guys will admit that convertibles are chick magnets.  Every time I drive a convertible I get noticed and checked out.  I have a phonebook full of numbers I have got while driving around in a convertible.  So learn that Iphone Pal, you’ll need 64 gigs with all the numbers you’ll be getting.

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Reason 10:  Regardless of age a convertible shows your inner youth.  Wether you’re old or young we all become the same age when we cruise in a convertible.  When you have fun and let loose you’ll stay young forever in my mind!!! Cheers to everyone who drives and rocks the convertible!!! You all rock and we seriously need to go for a ride soon. Let’s just keep the tanning to the tanning salons!!!  😀



-Robert Melloy

Share why you either love or hate convertibles.  And remember to check out I have some great offers happening this month at Melloy Nissan.  When you mention you found us on Facebook or Social media I’ll save you $1000 on your next car!  – Robert Melloy (888) 599-8669

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