Save $2,500 Dollars Towards All New Nissan Altima’s In Stock!!

This month we have been Altima crazy at Melloy Nissan…  We started the month of July off at Melloy Nissan with this Facebook post:  See our selection now


We had a few people that didn’t believe this so I laid the truth out!!!  Drive a Altima home today!


Today Nissan contacted me and said there is a additional $500 dollars towards all Nissan Altima’s in stock, so now the savings has moved up to $2500 dollars.  If you’re looking for a brand new car this is a the perfect time to purchase a new Nissan Altima.  These cars hold there value well, so why not ad $2500 in savings towards a car that is in high demand across the nation.  This offer will expire August 1st so hurry in to Melloy Nissan.  You’ll be glad you did when you have equity in your car two years from now!  (Savings is off vehicle MSRP!) Visit and find your next Altima

P.S  you know who to ask for if you want to possibly save a little more than $2500 dollars… 😉

Melloy Nissan where great deals happen!  

“I love the open concept and space that you experience when driving, or being a passenger in this car” – Robert Melloy


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