Why We Celebrate When The Boss Goes On Vaction #MelloyNissan #CarSale

Alright the boss is on vacation at Melloy Nissan.  Nope we don’t celebrate by staying out late, sleeping in till noon, or by leaving work early as most people would expect.  We are trend setters at Melloy Nissan so we do things our customers will love.

So…  After lots of thought we decided that when the boss leaves, so will all the rules on vehicle pricing…  Boom!!  You heard us right you can name your own price on any new Nissan from Melloy Nissan.  New 2014 Altimas will start at $17,395 and Versa Note SV and SL models will have and extra $500 in dicounts.


Click Photo To Find Your Next Vehicle.  So hopefully Roy “The Boss” isn’t to mad that Mike Lee and Myself are throwing this huge vehicle savings party…  We need to sell 70 new Nissan’s before Roy gets back on August 1st.  This pricing madness will most definitely end July 31st.

Our Banks and Credit Unions have declared “Credit Amnesty” for this one time a year event!!!  Yes Roy only goes on vacation once a year whoa…  Our goal is 100%  Credit Approvals and Bankruptcies, Divorces, Charge-Offs and Repossessions are no problem.  Think you owe to much on your trade?  That’s no a problem either.  We are offering up to 120%  or $4000 over Nada book value for your trade…  Schedule A Appointment NowNew_Mexico_Vacation

Call 888-274-7706 now or visit www.melloynissan.com to schedule a convenient time to take advantage of this once a year savings opportunity.  And remember you found, or heard about Melloy Nissan on Facebook or Social Media for this special pricing.

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Save $2,500 Dollars Towards All New Nissan Altima’s In Stock!!

This month we have been Altima crazy at Melloy Nissan…  We started the month of July off at Melloy Nissan with this Facebook post:  See our selection now


We had a few people that didn’t believe this so I laid the truth out!!!  Drive a Altima home today!


Today Nissan contacted me and said there is a additional $500 dollars towards all Nissan Altima’s in stock, so now the savings has moved up to $2500 dollars.  If you’re looking for a brand new car this is a the perfect time to purchase a new Nissan Altima.  These cars hold there value well, so why not ad $2500 in savings towards a car that is in high demand across the nation.  This offer will expire August 1st so hurry in to Melloy Nissan.  You’ll be glad you did when you have equity in your car two years from now!  (Savings is off vehicle MSRP!) Visit www.melloynissan.com and find your next Altima

P.S  you know who to ask for if you want to possibly save a little more than $2500 dollars… 😉

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“I love the open concept and space that you experience when driving, or being a passenger in this car” – Robert Melloy


ABQ Car Dealership Cooks Up The Hottest Car Deals For April! High Volume Equals Low Prices!!

There’s a great energy buzzing around Melloy Nissan as April kicks off!!  Maybe it’s the upcoming long summer nights, or the fact that Melloy Nissan just set an all time store record this March of 427 cars sold for a month!  Robert Melloy states: “My grandfather Bob Melloy broke ground at Melloy Nissan 50 years ago, I can’t wait to tell him about last months success!  Now I have my sites set on April, I know it’s totally possible to break last months success with a great car sale in April”  Robert is right we are a high volume Nissan store, because of this we are able to drive prices down to all our customers!  Check out the great sales Robert Melloy has set up for all social media fans below!  We are super grateful for all our awesome customers, fans, friends, employees.  Your support is what makes Melloy Nissan New Mexico’s number 1 choice for a Nissan dealership.  Contact Rob or myself for awesome car deals this month.  We are eager to set another all time store record for April and will be offering amazing car deals to all fans to reach our goals!!  

Mike Lee (Internet department Manager) 888-599-8669  sales@melloynissan.com

The Hottest Car Deals Happen In April Sale:           4/01/2014 – 4/30/2014

Here are the great deals I set up for April 2014  – Robert Melloy

See My New Frontier Selection!  ALBUQUERQUE_CAR_DEALERSHIPS.002






See My Main Website!!!  www.melloynissan.comALBUQUERQUE_CAR_DEALERSHIPS.008