What’s A Home Run Car And Car Deal? 2004 Toyota Camry Solara 62K Mi For Sale $9,995

At Melloy Nissan we have a term called:  “Home Run Car Deal” and “Home Run Car” What does this mean?  A home run car deal must have all of the following credentials to qualify as a home run car deal:  Below I will describe a car that Susan Miller and I just traded!  And yes this car is for sale at Melloy Nissan i’ll post the link below my article and video!

No Matter what a “Home Run Car” has to look, smell, and drive like a brand new car!! Pride of previous ownership will make or brake wether a car should be considered a: “Home Run Car”

A) The car has to be a Carfax 1 Owner!  Maybe two owners on Carfax, but the car has to be clean! See Car

B) The car must be a 2005 model or older See Car

C) The car must be listed under $10,000 “Home Run Car Deal” see car

D) The car must have under 75 thousand miles See Car

E) The car must be original: Meaning no accidents or reported accidents to Carfax and Autocheck!  See Car

F) Home run cars sell for under 10k but they look and drive like Brand New Cars Making this type of car super great deal!  Get your hands on one!

F) Final qualification is the car must be highly sought after!  Yes we could have a chevy Cobalt that meets all the above criteria, but lets be honest old Chevy Cobalts regardless of miles hold resale value horribly!  The car must be a car that holds value!  Here are a few examples:  Nissan Maxima, Nissan Altima, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, many 4x4s etc etc…  Many people see a clean home run car as a investment!  Not only are these cars nice to the eye they hold there values well in Nada, Kelly Blue Book, and Black Book!  Plus they are priced under 10k!  Home run cars run forever if serviced properly, and sell incredibly fast when they are listed for sale via: Car Dealerships, or Private Sellers. A home run car is a car that will hold it’s value down the road for the all owners!  It’s the truth that certain makes and models hold values very well regardless of age, and these select vehicles are what I would like to refer to as home run cars!  Just like any car take car of your home run cars, without regular service a Home Run Car may as well be a Home Run Dumpster car!  See my website for more great deals!  Hopefully you find more “Home Run Cars”  Like the one I just described!  

Let’s just be honest people like the finer things in life!  When cars are nice with low miles it’s only logical that they will hold there values and be a great investment!  Leave comments below if you have a Home Run Car to add to the list!

-Robert Melloy Connect with me today!  

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