Remember Cash For Clunkers? It’s Back At Melloy Nissan!

Cash For Clunker Sale For March!!!  Guys Rob Melloy here, Nissan has announced huge rebates for March. With saving of up to $10,000 on select vehicles. Because of this we are offering you big Money for the vehicles you trade in!  Turn a vehicle that’s worth 500 bucks into $4500 hundred bucks with our Cash For Clunkers program!


Even if your vehicle does not qualify as a “Clunker” well offer you big money for the trade!  So if your car is worth 500 bucks or $30,000 thousand i’m super interested in giving you the best money for your current trade in!  Here’s what General Manager Roy Benson told me to tell you that: If you need a better vehicle now is the time to take advantage of this great offer!  Many vehicles are in premium condition and with original factory warranties still in effect on our used car lot!  Yes trade you can trade clunkers towards a used car!  Roy also states that: this is a chance for social media fans to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity!  Lenders are approving deals on the premises during this sale and buyers will be on hand to offer top dollars for all your current trades.  We so many resources on hand we will get you top dollar for your trade! (up to 4500 for your clunker)  Don’t miss out!  Contact Us Today And Learn More About This Sale

Now Check out the vehicles i’m promoting for March below:

New 2014 Nisan Titan for $185/mo O.A.C

2014 Nissan Titan

New 2014 Nissan Frontier $229/mo on O.A.C


New 2014 Nissan Sentra For $199/mo O.A.C


New 2014 Nissan Rogue For $249/mo O.A.C


All these vehicles start at the prices I presented to you!  As you move up in price and trim levels prices and monthly payments will increase!  All payments are based of a fix number of months and a certain rate!  Payments will vary depending O.A.C!    I appreciate all you for visiting our promotional page!  My goal is to hook all social media fans up with the best deals in the state!  Ask for me anytime or contact me though this website by clicking here

Also find out how you can save a $1000 dollars when you #Hashtag #MelloyNissan!  Hope to see you soon!!  -Robert Melloy

Take advantage of current sales for March Contact Us Today!

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