Old 1973 NissanSkyline GT-R Kenmeri Brings 176K At Auction.

Old cars are awesome, and all car enthusiasts will never get enough of them.  All old cars hold a place in all collectors hearts, and many collectors go through some hoops, or shall I say Big Bucks at Auction of obtain these gems.  In this scenario 176k for a  Kenmeri’ GT-R.

That’s awesome money!  Maybe I should invest in a GT-R and set it aside for 41 years.  screen-shot-2015-08-19-at-13.4-55d47c0d47224

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This particular GT-R was immaculate and only had 23,000 kilometers on the odo. The GT-R had all records of service and maintenance, while being serviced by GT-R specialists in Japan.  Low mile cars, with clean titles, paint, body, and service records always bring more money, so all factors helped contribute to the high price paid for this GT-R.


So, whats so special about thisGT-R that gave it such a hefty bid, that miles, and a clean paint job couldn’t account for?  Let’s just start with rarity, and the fact that this generation Nissan GT-R was the last vehicle to have the s20 dual overhead camshaft engine with a straight six under the hood.  This engine block was widely successful in Nissan Touring racing before 1972, and was also used in the Fairlady Z432 (PS30) 1969 – 1972.  At the time of production of the 1973 Nissan Skyline ‘Kenmeri’ GT-R there was also a major oil crises and the public lost interest in sports cars.  Because of this Nissan pulled out of motor sports with only196 of these GT-Rs produced.  The KPGC110 Nissan skyline had only been on sale for 6 months when all this happened.

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According to Car Throttle this particular GT-R:

Wore chassis number 000127, and has been maintained by GT-R experts throughout its life. In 1985, this Kenmeri went to Sport Corner, Nissan’s dedicated GT-R service shop, to have its engine, gearbox and differential overhauled. It was then bought by former Nissan racer Kenji Tohira, who gave the car its second thorough service in 1998. This car features the optional factory air conditioning, a clock, a radio with antenna, its original tool box, jack, and spare wheel.

With such a rich history and a life in which it has been proudly looked after, it’s easy to understand how this beautiful, rare car fetched so much at auction.


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