I Lost My Nissan Smart Key What Should I Do?

What should you do when you lose your Nissan Intelligent key?  Hopefully this video and blog post will answer that question!  Robert Melloy has a little too much fun solving the issues of lost keys with his Neighbor JoAnn Gibson, Co-worker Neive Gallegos, and his Uncle Dave Miller in this video!                                   Contact Melloy Nissan Service
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In the 1990’s it was super easy to get a key cut for your vehicle, when you misplaced or lost your vehicles keys, you would go to the dealer and have a key cut fast and easy.  That sounds nice, but on the other hand this made it super easy for thieves to obtain a VIN number and do the same!    Losing a key this day and age has become sort of a pain, but it’s a pain for good reason! Most smart keys use a form of security called a rolling security code. The Nissan vehicle randomizes its specific code which will prevent thieves from hacking it through the computer that recognizes the specific key that’s unique to your vehicle. The vehicle’s computer recognizes the code emitted by the Nissan smart key and registers it before starting up your Nissan.

Nissan’s smart key has made it way more challenging for thieves to steal your vehicle.  Plus it’s so nice starting you vehicle with just the push of a button!

When they key does go missing though you will learn getting a replacement can be a pain, but in my mind the pros of this key highly out weigh the chances of loosing it.  When you do have a rush of bad luck and lose your Nissan Intelligent key there’s no avoiding the dealership for a replacement.  At the dealership we will ask for the VIN number of your vehicle and an ID for security purposes before we will ever consider cutting a key.   We also look though our computer and verify you’re the real registered owner of the vehicle.  Nissan uses a specific computer that terminates the old code that is associated with your lost key.  The computer puts an entirely new code that pairs you key and Nissan vehicle up, and this computer is only found at Nissan Dealerships!

So if you lose your key you have two choices!  Mostly likely you will have to tow your Nissan to Melloy Nissan, and that can cost a lot when you consider tow fees and the cost of replacing a Nissan intelligent key.  Or maybe there is a slight chance someone can come to your house and reprogram the key there; unfortunately this option is usually not available.  I personally lucked out because I had lunch plans with my Uncle who is a certified Nissan Mechanic.  He was kind enough to bring the Nissan Computer to my house when I lost my Armada keys!

So please guys go to great lengths to never lose your Nissan intelligent key so you can avoid this at all costs!  I love the Nissan Intelligent key and the security of this key is a huge feature that all our customers love.  The pros totally outweigh the cons on the Nissan Intelligent key.  Please just don’t misplace these keys!  Treat your Nissan key as lifelong friend that you’ll closely guard at all Costs!

I have worked in the automotive industry for many years and high key prices are the norm regardless of vehicle make!  So whether you’re driving a Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, etc…

Keep close watch of your car keys, because my experience is a common one.

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