This is what happens when you drop Titan Vk56de v8 engine into a Z car!

I love Rb and Sr motor swaps!  Especially when I’m talking about, or working on Nissan 240sx’s. Yea the LS is a great swap , but it takes away the Nissan heritage from any Nissan car it’s dropped in.  I’ve always said keep your cars original to the brand for the best value and resale value.  When my brother Brain Melloy builds a 240 sx you’ll always find a RB25det from a Nissan Skyline, or a sr20det from a Nissan Silvia under the hood!  (Captured in the image below).

Brain Melloy Albuqueqrue

I’m going to connect the dots between this two 240sx and a Idea about the Nissan titan, but first why should I bring these two cars up in the same post?  Well because:  recently the Nissan Titan received huge attention from the media as we grow close to debuting the redesigned 2016 Nissan Titan XD diesel.

This redesign features a 5.0 liter Cummins diesel that brings heavy-duty attitude and torque to half-ton pickup territory.  I took the Titan XD 4wd Diesel for a spin,  and the truck was everything I dream’t it would be! (Actual truck I drove pictured below).


Torque, power, technology,  and quiet interior, all meet my highest expectations. After my maiden test drive in this beast of a truck I began to wonder what engine the Non diesel version will feature for its debut at Melloy Nisssan later in 2016!   For some odd reason all this wondering made the 240sx pop into my head, drawing me into my office to find videos in regards to swapping Nissan Titan’s current VK56de into a 240 sx.  What I found was awesome, and believe me this is a swap I’d love to do!

I’ve always loved the power and torque on the current Nissan Titan, and could only imagine this engine under the hood of a 350z, or 240sx.

Wow listen to this!  #NissanTrue

To make room for the Nissan Titan Xd we are discounting remaining Titans by the thousands on top of huge rebates.  Get at me if you’re looking for a smoking deal on a Nissan Titan, or any Nissan vehicle.  I am the guy who can save anyone money on their next vehicle.

  • Robert Melloy Jr (888) 599-8669

See what Nissan is using this Vk56de super car engine for by clicking here:  Nissan Racing Albuquerque


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