Nissans 2015 model year end close out event. Why Melloy Nissan is the #1 Nissan Dealer in New Mexico *

We are now half way through October, and besides the great fall temperatures, we also have some great fall deals going on at Melloy Nissan.  As the 2016 model year approaches we will need space for all these new Nissan models.  In order to make space I’ll need to sell most of our remaining 2015 models.

Year End Car Deals Albuquerque

I need your help and I’m willing to discount all  remaining 2015 models to do so.  This offer is only available to people who found us and share our posts on social media.  On top of discounting remaining 2015 Nissan models, I’ll also offer you up to 120 % of Nada value for your current trade, or up to $4,000 more than our competitors in the surrounding Albuquerque area.  Nissan wants Melloy Nissan to sell remaining models 2015 models and these are the steps I see necessary to do so.

Below are the offers I’ve put together just for our social media followers.  Keep in mind we also have financing available on these vehicles that requires No Down Payment, and No Payments till January of 2016.  Melloy Nissan continuously outsells every new car dealer in the state of New Mexico month after month because we can beat all their prices. Below are just a few of the offers I have for our social media followers, and if your specific taste of vehicle is not list below that will be no problem.  Just stop by Melloy Nissan asking for Robert Melloy, or Michael Lee personally, and we will see to it that we save you thousands on your next New Nissan vehicle from Melloy Nissan.

Nissan Versa Albuquerque
Stock # V12260, Model # 11155 two (or more) available at this price

Nissan Rogue Albuqerque
Stock # RG12757 , Model # 29115  two (or more) available at this price

Nissan Sentra Albuquerque
Stock # S12848 , Model # 12015   two (or more) available at this price

Nissan Altima Albuqueque
Stock # A11951  , Model # 13115    two (or more) available at this price

Nissan Pathfinder Albuquerque
Stock # PF12821   , Model # 21115     two (or more) available at this price

Search our new car inventory today!

  • Nissan North America sales reporting sept 2015

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