Don’t Miss Tonight’s Blood Moon Event! Clear NM Skies and Our Nissan’s Will Make for an Awesome Sight!

I’m a car guy that loves astronomy as much as I love Nissan GT-Rs and Nissan Frontiers. So you better believe it when I say tonight I’m sitting behind the seat of my Nissan 240sx, firing up my ST20det 4 cyl engine, and headed up to the Crest to watch tonight’s lunar eclipse, or “Blood Moon” event.


Why is this event so special?  Well, for one this will not happen for another 18 years. The moon  will also appear 14 percent larger as it rises over the Sandia’s, and 30 percent brighter than most full moons, all because of the close proximity of the moon to the earth in 2015. However, tonight‘s full moon will stand out because it will be the closest moon of 2015 — coming within 221,753 miles of Earth. It is also the Harvest Moon and a blood moon.

This blood moon event will be quite the sight to see as I watch it start alongside the hum of my Sr20det Silvia engine at 7 pm tonight. A blood moon is no different than a lunar eclipse, but tonight this event will be spectacular because of the moons close proximity to earth and the clear skies that are forested across New Mexico. Not only will it be a blood moon and a Harvest Moon, but it will also coincide with a full lunar eclipse.  The term blood moon comes for the red glow of the moon as the earth’s shadow casts upon it causing it!  

So I urge everyone to get behind the wheel of your Nissan  and find a neat spot this Sunday night. The last time a supermoon lunar eclipse happened was in 1982. And if you miss this one, the next chance to catch a glimpse will be in 2033.

And like I said, I’m a car guy who loves astronomy, so if you want tonlearn a more accurate account about tonight’s event from KRQE

Thanks for reading and remember blood moon or not I’m your guy to find the best deals on a car in New Mexico. I’ll save you thousands on any New or Pre-owned vehicle. Just stop my and ask for me.

– Robert Melloy JR. 7707 Lomas 87110

Blood Moon Albuquerque Melloy Nissan.001

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