Auto Service Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy in 2015

Although the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving, most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the wellbeing of our cars. As the New Year approaches, now is a great time to start thinking about some changes you can make for the betterment of your beloved ride. After all, in order to reach your 2015 goals, you’re going to need a safe and reliable car. Follow our Four B’s of car care to keep your ride in good condition in 2015:

Auto Service Tips


Avoid waiting until your car breaks down to get your battery inspected. Paying attention to warning signs that indicate battery decline will save you a lot of trouble. Corrosion at the battery terminals causes electrical resistance that makes it hard to start your car. Before you rush to the store for a new battery, wipe of any signs of corrosion on your battery connects. If your battery is more than three years old, it might be time to get it replaced. Be sure to stop by your local Nissan dealership in Albuquerque for a battery inspection.


Even in the arid climate of New Mexico, it’s essential to have fully functioning wiper blades. If your windshield wiper blades cannot do the simple task of clearing off dust or precipitation, get them replaced as soon as possible. Over time your wiper blades crack and loose flexibility. Even if you consider your wiper blades to be in good condition, be sure to top off windshield wiper fluid regularly to stay on the safe side.

Brake pads

Getting your brakes inspected periodically is a must. Factors such as vehicle type, driving habits and operating conditions affect how quickly your brakes wear. Since rapid braking causes your brake pads to wear faster, it’s essential to avoid aggressive driving. If you hear unusual noises every time you press on the brake pedal be sure to get your brake pads inspected. Also, if your car’s dashboard brake light stays lit up, be sure to schedule a service appointment to get your brakes inspected. While you’re at it, top up your brake fluid to keep your braking system well lubricated.


Although your vehicle’s belts are made to last a long time, it’s always a good idea to get them checked from time to time. The main belt in your car is the serpentine belt which transports power to your vital automotive components. Over time your car’s belts experience wear and tear. If you notice rubber parts starting to peel off the belt, it’s time to get it replaced. Driving a vehicle with a worn out belt is a disaster waiting to happen. Stay on the safe side this season by getting your car’s belts inspected and replaced if necessary. This will help you minimize the risk of premature breakdown.

Since you spend so much time driving, why not prep your ride for safe driving in 2015? The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Car maintenance can be overwhelming, especially for those don’t know much about cars. Whether you drive a new or used Nissan, using these four B’s as a guide to keep your car well maintained in 2015 is a plus. Melloy Nissan offers Albuquerque’s most experienced and dedicated service staff. Also, we offer genuine Nissan auto parts for your Nissan car, Truck or SUV. Be sure to schedule a service appointment or visit us today at 7707 Lomas Blvd. N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87110.


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