Next Generation Nissan Titan You’re Scheduled For Landing

Hello truck lovers.  We all know and admire the Nissan Titan with it vk56de 5.6 l V8 engine.  This truck has a very familiar face with production of starting back in September of 2003.  Though it’s been around for quite some time, this truck still proves to be a great seller here in NM.  Power, great off-roading options, spacious interior, many trim options for every type buyer have made this truck a top seller for many years.  All good things must evolve, and that’s what the Nissan Titan has done.  Meet the next generation Nissan Titan:  

The next generation Nissan Titan is scheduled to debut at the Detroit Auto Show Jan. 12, 2015. To make room for this next generation Titan we need to move all current model Titans. Save up to $4600 though social media on all in stock. We deliver anywhere in the country. Feel free to call and ask for me personally – Robert Melloy (888) 599-8669

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