I loved to watch races my family when I was a young kid.  I grew up going to Duke City Raceway on South Broadway to see the Sprint Cars race every weekend.  We sat behind a pretty thick fence, but I still worried about one of those cars crashing though that mesh of old wires.  At those speeds it’s hard to believe those wires would not be totally destroyed. The video below you’ll see people sitting right on the street where this rally race is taking place.   This is way to close for comfort if you ask me.

Family and friends were watching rally car races at the ‘Jolly Rally’ in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta when they witnessed this horrible crash that appears to have ended in disaster. As you can see in this video people are sitting right on the road where the race was taking place. The driver Pietro Scavone lost complete control of his Renault Clio as the car rolled, tossed and turned towards the spectators.  When you watch this video in real time your stomach will turn, as it appears there is no chance for the spectators to escape .  When you slow the video down you’ll witness a true miracle as the car avoids everyone in the crowed.

Only minor injuries were reported including the driver Scavone and his co-driver Diego D’Herin.  A girl on the sidelines was also rushed to the hospital and treated for shock. Whatever it me be I believe some higher power was watching over the people in this clip! Share you thoughts below…  Would you ever sit this close to view a Rally Car Race?

– Robert Melloy http://www.melloynissan.com

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