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This time of year is great if you ask me.  There is so much to be thankful for: Family, friends, awesome weather, and all the little things that make life so awesome.  It’s funny to me that right after Thanksgiving it all breaks loose on Black Friday sort of the opposite of Thanksgiving, but hey it’s only natural to be excited about awesome things. The Nissan brand is a awesome thing that I celebrate year round with my customers…

See Black Friday Deals At Bottom Of Post

See Black Friday Deals At Bottom Of Post

I’ve always said it pays to know someone in the automotive business, especially someone like me.  Ya, I do have that last name Melloy, but that aside I truly enjoy helping people purchase a vehicle at the best price possible.  I’ve helped countless numbers of friends, family, and people that I’ve meet across social media find great deals on a car.  Not one of these individuals as walked out of Melloy Nissan second guessing the BIG DECISION they just made. Black Friday is great, but it’s just a day that everyone braves huge crowds for great deals. At Melloy Nissan you’ll find great deals every day especially if you know me, like I said Black Friday is just a day to me.  Great car deals should happen regardless of a name that we attach to a day.  My grandfather built Melloy Nissan and many automotive franchises off trust, and treating people with respect over the past 60 years.  This is one reason for the success of Melloy Nissan and all of our franchises across New Mexico.  This trust is something that defines our franchises in my mind, and that will never change.  I urge anyone who is in the market for a great vehicle at a awesome price to get in contact with me anytime of the year.  Our financing is the best you’ll find anywhere in New Mexico hands downs.

Now with all that being said here are some deals that I personally set up for Black Friday 🙂 If you have any questions please feel free to show up to Melloy Nissan and ask for me. (Robert Melloy) 888-599-8669  SEE WWW.MELLOYNISSAN.COM FOR DIRECTIONS

Call (888) 599-8669 For More Info

Call (888) 599-8669 For More Info


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