My Life Is Full Of Adventure Because I Drive A 4×4 Nissan..

Hello Robert Melloy here from Melloy Nissan…  First off I want the whole world to know that I have a very adventurous personality.  Ever since I was young at about the age of 2 I could never sit still for long.  Over 150 New 4wd Vehilces to Choose From

Over 150 New 4wd Vehilces to Choose From  
Know one should ever sit still for long.  Back in high school I could leave campus for lunch, and most those lunch breaks were spent driving my truck out to South Eubank to off-road. On many ocasions I would spend a little to much time off-roading and be late to 4th period because of it.  Not much changed through college I maintained awesome grades while off-roading.  I always loved filling my truck up with friends and taking them down huge hills out in Beaver Town.  I remember all the girls would always scream as I approached a large hill.  Those screams just fueled my addiction to hills, dirt, and the mud that follows the monsoon storms out in NM. IMG_0854

So lets skip ahead ten years.  Off-Roading has now turned into weekend trips to remote locations all over New Mexico.  Many days I wake up dreaming of fast cars, but soon realize those fast cars end the weekend fun when pavement meets dirt.  All my friends say: Rob your Chapin it because your always out of town on the weekends.  And they are right my addictions in life would be jetskis, water, camping, and this would not be possible if I drove a 2wd.  Anyone who visits southern New Mexico will be very aware that our state is in a massive drought when you pass by Elephant Butte lake.  Getting down to that lake is rather challenging when your pulling a 3000 pounds of jetskis behind your truck.  The low water levels mean that their it a lot of beach surounding the lake and this beach is very sandy.  My friend Rick and I could make a living off pulling people out of bad situaitons down there.  My ego always soars sky high when I rescue a stranded vehicle with my V6 Nissan Frotier.  I love the look I get from people when I plow though the sand like a champ and make it to the beach not even coming close to being stuck.  Yet I see people stuck all around me as I make my decent to the water line.  Some days I feel like I should go back to selling cars because I get so many referrals from people asking about my truck…  At Melloy Nissan we have Over 150 New 4wd Vehilces to Choose From


I’ve always loved the outdoor stuff.  And lets face it we live in New Mexico.  This part of the country is surrounded with beauty around every turn.  But to reach all this amazing stuff New Mexico has to offer you most likely will need a 4×4…  I have been camping many times without a 4wd and wow it’s boring…  4wds do make you stand out from the crowed, while helping you find a better camping sport than a public campground.  Start your adventure today with Over 150 New 4wd Vehilces to Choose From


The Nissan Pro4x is the ultimate when it comes to off roading.  A shorter wheel base, powerful engine, and locking diffs are all you’ll need to discover awesome destinations. Thanks for reading…  Be sure to ask for Rob Melloy at Melloy Nissan to save thousands on your next vehicle.  I’m eager to sell trucks this August so please hit me up if your in the market for a nice vehicle at a great price.  And feel free to contact me personally for a great deal on any car…  I always go out of my way to get my customers the best deal possible on any vehicle they like…  – Robert Melloy (505) 228-3925 Cell Phone


– Robert Melloy (888) 599-8669

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