Nissan GT-R + Fighter Jet =’s One Awesome Photoshoot

Hope everyone had a blast this Memorial weekend.  Melloy Nissan had a great weekend with recored sales for this time of year!  I came across this post and thought I’d share it on with all our followers on social media.  We are a few units away from our objectives with Nissan this month, so I need to sell units!  Let me know if you want a good deal though me!

– Robert Melloy (505) 228-3925


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The absolutely insane widebody kit offered by Liberty Walk for the Nissan GT-R R35 is simply out of this world. Unlike any other GT-R bodykit available, the Liberty Walk one adds a real racing feel to the potent Japanese sports car and the following white example photographed surrounded by jets looks truly mental.The bodykit includes a revised rear bumper, diffuser, flared wheel arches front and rear, extended side skirts, a completely new front bumper and splitter and a massive rear wing. All up, the kit can be purchased for just over $27,000.


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