Melloy Nissan Ranked #1 In The Nation Means Employee Pricing For Everyone #Albuquerque #CarDeals

Melloy Nissan has put Albuquerque on the map nationally when it comes to Nissan Vehicles.  This weekend the general manger and myself received an email making us well aware that Melloy Nissan sold the most cars in the nation this weekend.  This news is huge and I would like to thank all our customers for this awesome accomplishment.  I’m going to be celebrating all week and weekend over this awesome news.

A celebration like this calls for amazing car deals.  If anyone comes and in and mentions my name and that you discovered Melloy Nissan on Facebook, I will hook you up with employee pricing on any vehicle you choose at Melloy Nissan.

With car deals like the ones I’m offering you this weekend we will be ranked number one in the nation for the Month with Nissan.  So help me keep Albuquerque on the map with Nissan.  See me or mention my name if you want the best car deal ever.


Robert Melloy (888) 599-8669


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