Albuquerque A City Fallen Madly In Love With Cheap Used 4×4 Vehicles! Get Your Hands On One Today!

Albuquerque has a huge appetite for cheap 4×4 vehicles priced under 11 thousand dollars.  That’s my theory and I’ll prove it fact after summers end.

Actual Cheap 4X4 I Just Traded For Today!  Call For Details!  2001 TOYOTA TACOMA


Why do I believe this is a fact you ask?  Because: Every time I trade for a cheap 4×4 priced under 11k It always sells within a day at Melloy Nissan.  Yes some will last for a week but, it’s rare.  Usually the vehicles that last longer than a week are what I refer to as a sled.  Sled meaning  a pile of haha.  So Now I will devote a list to my fastest selling cheap 4×4 vehicles at Melloy Nissan.  These 3 vehicles are my ALL STAR must Have Cheap Vehilces!

My list is below this Cheap Toyota Tacoma 4×4 for sale at Melloy Nissan

Yup another photo of the cheap 01 Tacoma 4×4 I traded today.  Call for details:Melloy_Nissan_Cheap_Cars_Albuquerque

Ranked #1 Nissan Frontier 2005 and older.  When I have a cheap frontier on the lot it will disappear faster than a pizza at a weight watchers convention!  Why who knows it’s a proven fact that 4x4s hold value better than most cars, so combine high Nissan resale value plus 4×4 you’ll hit a home run with your next 4×4 purchase!  Just watch out for that cheese pizza!

See our cheap 4x4s


#2 Toyota Tacoma 2003 and older.  Yes this vehicle is the competition and Nissans biggest rival.  This arch enemy of the Nissan Frontier will last only hrs once we trade for one at Melloy Nissan!  Why does it sell for fast?  I will never know I’m a Nissan Guy, but I’ll just assume it’s the fact that Toyotas hold resale value, and will last to a Million Miles.  Do I Like Toyota?  Just a little. And yes it’s a fact that these bad boys sell fast!  Did I mention I just traded for a Tacoma 4×4 priced at 11 thousand. 

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Ranked #3 Jeep Wrangler 2003 and Older.  Whoa these bad boys sell fast.  I mean one second you see it the other you don’t.  Jeeps are the icon for off road vehicles.  Yes we do trade for some cheap Jeeps at Melloy Nissan, and they always pull a hard core disappearing act on me.  Why?  Jeeps bring mega money at Auction these days.  You’re practically paying retail for any jeep that runs though auction.  It’s totally a supply and demand thing.  Everyone wants one, and yet the market can not supply the demand.  So be on the look out for used Jeeps.  Do I love Jeeps?  You better believe it my family has a Jeep store up in Farmington.  Now remember this only matters if a jeep is in good condition.  Old beat up grand Cherokees are worthless at auction.  Can you find great deals on a Used jeep?  Of course you can!

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Cheap_Jeeps_AlbuquerqueThere are many more vehicle that qualify for my list.  I really was running low on time today sorry!  But if you buy a 4×4 under 11k and it’s in good shape you have just hit a home run car deal.  These price range 4×4’s are worth gold in the Mountain West United States.

Visit for great car deals today.  Mention my name and receive the Rob Melloy hook up on any car you buy though Melloy Nissan. 



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