Mom Gets A Big Surprise With Help From Nissan #SweetestThingEver


Kids do amazing things sometimes. They stun you with their simple creativity and boggle you with questions you never had thought of. Their sensitivity is also to be remarked upon. One little boy though, has shown Japan his amazing sensitivity and thoughtfulness and has given his mother the surprise of a lifetime.    See Our Current Nissan Selection!

In 2012, RocketNews24 shared an article about a husband giving his wife the proposalhe wished he had given her. Family, friends and everyone who shared in the couple’s memories came together to show support for the sweet couple through the support of Nissan Presents Happy Surprise Campaign. This time, 8-year-old Hinata took up the Happy Surprise challenge. He wanted to show his mother how much he loves and appreciates everything she does for him. See Our Current Nissan Selection!

Hinata’s mother is led to believe she is participating in a PR stint for the Dayz Roox. With the addition of two extras in the backseat and Hinata and his mother in the front, you really can imagine the direction a commercial like this would lead. Hinata’s glowing face, full of excitement is the only indication that perhaps there is more to this simple drive. See Our Current Nissan Selection!mom-and-son-plus-nissan

But the directions are clear. Drive to Point B only a short distance away.

“I want to listen to music,” Hinata curiously remarks. See Our Current Nissan Selection!

“I don’t think there is any music in here, but I see you’re already messing with the controls,” replies his mother. Immediately music starts playing and two extras in the back spring to their roles. A talented singer and violinist, they liven up the atmosphere and stun the mother with their live performance. In fact, the mother doesn’t even realize that the young boy was actually playing the violin in the backseat. See Our Current Nissan Selection!violin-surprise

But the surprises don’t end there. The father, who “in no possible way would be out there,” holds a sign telling them to turn left. The older daughter holds up another signs indicating where to park. Hinata springs out of the car and says, “wait here.”See Our Current Nissan Selection!seeing-dad

The mother, described as someone always doing her best, who is always there for her children but is also extremely busy, is treated to an unforgettable performance by her son. Hinata looks adorable in his pajamas and cap and sings loud and clear for his mother.


“Thank you for always smiling. I’m sorry for the mischief I’ve caused. I love mom’s smile the best and even when I’m all grown up, please keep smiling.” See Our Current Nissan Selection!boy-worries

Tears and smiles finish the show. Hinata is the last to jump off the stage but races towards his mother and jumps into her open arms.

“How was it mom?” he asks with a smile.

She wipes her tears. “Thank you.”

With the complete success of another Nissan Presents Happy Surprise, we can only hope that another two years doesn’t elapse before we are treated to another heart-warming moment.   See Our Current Nissan Selection!

Source: Huffington Post JapanYouTube

Images: YouTube

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