The Meanest Xterra I’ve Ever Seen! This Thing Is A Beast!

I’ve always been a Off-Road type guy!  I love off roading, anything that involves dirt, mud, and locking diffs will always be on the top of my fun list!  What’s so cool about working in the automotive industry is all the connections and friends I’ve made over the years!  One friend is Alex Hanhardt!  This guy is amazing when it comes to customizing cars!  Look at his 2003 Nissan Xterra that he has for sale!  Yes the photos do the talking!              See our selection of Nissan Xterras          Contact Alex

Nissan_Xterra_AlbuquerqueIf anyone is interested in this vehicle hit him up I’ll leave his contact info on the bottom of this page!  Plus if you’re in the market to take your Nissan to the next level you should hit Alex up!  He specializes in adding more performance and horsepower to your current ride!  My brother Brian used Alex to fix up his Nissan 240 and let me tell you that thing is a beast!   Thanks for reading look forward to meeting you all one day soon!!

(Robert Melloy)        See our selection of Nissan Xterras              Contact Alex


See our selection of Nissan Xterras

Contact Alex


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