Bad Dealership Reviews Help Dealerships Cater To Customer Needs.

Melloy Nissan Reviews

Hello everyone Robert Mello here, I would like to thank all of our fans across the social media world for you continued support of our pages!  Today I would like to discuss why customer reviews are so important to a Melloy Nissan!

Let me start off by saying as a car dealer I love great reviews from my customers!  I can no longer count how many amazing reviews we have received from you guys! Good Reviews get our sales staff excited, while bringing a huge smile to my face!  I smile knowing that our customers are happy and that’s the bottom line at Melloy Nissan!  Review sites are a first stop for many car buyers before they car shop, so good reviews are critical!  On the other hand to many good reviews with no negative reviews can make a review site seem set up and staged!  And as we know we don’t live in a…

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