So You Own A 4×4, but do you actually use the 4×4? Now’s the perfect time to start!!

Nothing screams off-roading, getting the Nissan Dirty as much as warm summer weather! All over New Mexico you’ll find great places to take your vehicle off-roading!  I personally love beaver town just south of central as you head towards Edgewood!  Heck even Elephant butte offers fun off-road challenges for my Nissan Frontier!  Just be sure to avoid the Rangers because lately they hate people off-roading in Beaver town!  There are so many companies that offer off-road lift kits for Nissan Vehicles!  My personal favorite brand is Calmini!  Calmini builds lift kits for all tastes!  Visit there website to learn more!  Below is my personal favorite lift by Calmini.  It’s the solid front axel swap for Nissan Frontier and Xterra!


All to often I see people buy 4x4s but never off-road!  Do you agree with me on this claim? Please share a picture of your Nissan Off-Roading experiences on my Facbook page to receive a $1000 off your next purchase at Melloy Nissan!  Yes great rebates and a additional 1000 off add up to a great deal!

See our Off-Road Selection Today!

Rob Melloy

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