Introducing the Juke Nismo RS!! A Powerful 5th Addition For The Juke Family!

So there’s another sibling in the Nissan Juke Family…  First born were the S, SV, SL Trims, then Nissan added the Nismo Version to the family!  With that being said; let me introduce you to Nissan’s edition to the family:  Meet the Juke Nismo RS!  A step up from the current Nismo Juke with an extra 18 horsepower.  That adds up to 215 total horsepower for this Newest edition!

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Nissan is taking this Juke Nismo RS to the streets! The Juke Nismo RS will be the ultimate performance crossover, with boosted horsepower, sharper handling, better brakes, a performance transmission, and an overall a lower, leaner, meaner attitude will be geared toward the Nismo Juke Rs!

Nissan Will  tune-up the turbocharged 1.6L engine to generate up to 215 horsepower, which is 18 more than the standard JUKE® NISMO puts out.  Where you’ll really notice this boost is off the line-the RS shaves nearly a second off 0-60 time!   In models equipped with the standard six-speed manual transmission, the engine is beefed up with heavier-duty connecting rods, a dual-mass flywheel, and a strengthened clutch cover. The RS rolls on a set of 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels wearing aggressive 225/45 Continental ContiSportContact5 summer tires, backed by bigger (12.6-inch versus 11.7) brake rotors up front and vented rotors all around. (The non-RS Juke NISMO’s rear discs are solid.)The interior of the Juke Nismo RS will be inspired around performance. The driver will sit in a solidly-bolstered, genuine RecaroTM racing seat.  The steering wheel will feature a leather-wrapped steering wheel that features a red center line.  The dash will feature a NISMO tachometer for the driver to keep a eye on the revs!

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The Nissan Juke has seen many changes since Nissan put this vehicle into market in 2010!  With the S, SV, SL, Nismo, Nismo Rs, and Juke R you have many forms of the Nissan Juke to Choose from!  The Nismo Juke is set to be available later this year!  I will keep all fans and customers posted as more news surfaces about the newest edition to the Juke family!!  Now I would like to introduce you two the Nissan Juke R as the 6th member to the Juke family this sibling runs and Price Tag 590K dollars!  See how it competes with the Nissan GT-R in the video below!

Today I was looking around Youtube and I discovered a Video That  compares the Nissan GT-R vs the Nissan Juke R on the track!  Yes you heard me right Nissan Is building a Juke R that rubbed it’s inspiration off the Nissan GT-R!  The Juke R is a cross between the GT-R and its little counterpart the Nissan Juke! The Juke R has been Dubbed the worlds fastest crossover!  The Juke R features the 3.8L twin turbo charged engine 480 hp, and Awd systems that are mirrored over from its fierce GT-R brother!  

All the numbers show that the Juke-R does a 0-62 mph sprint in just 3.7 with a top speed maxing out around 160! Compare that to the standard Juke that does 0-62 mph in 8.6-seconds and has a top speed of 124-mph.

To my knowledge only two Juke Rs exist in the world!  With a price tag around 590k dollars I doubt you’ll see many of these souped up Jukes Rs on the streets of Albuquerque!  I believe the Juke R has paved the path for many more faces of the Nissan Juke that evolve around more speed, more power and a much more realistic price of $26,000 compared to 590 thousand like theJuke R!  Yes I totally believe the Nismo RS is inspired by the Juke R!!!

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-Robert Melloy

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