The Best Car Deals Are Social Car Deals #Hashtag!

#MelloyNissan         The Best Car Deals In New Mexico Are Social These Days!  Why?

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#MelloyNissan.  We are a New Mexico Car Dealership that is paving the way socially! The best car deals in New Mexico are social these days! Through social media you will find Nissan offers that are only available by connecting with Rob Melloy and Melloy Nissan socially. When you connect with Melloy Nissan you will be one post or tweet away from Robert Melloy! My main goal on social media is to respond to our fans and answer your questions about Melloy Nissan! On our Social sites you will get live news about offers, deals, new Nissan products, fresh trades, Nissan rebates, and so much more!  When Nissan news comes out be the first to know when you see our tweets or posts! Most websites that car dealers use these days take time to update with information, but when you follow us socially you’ll get a Real Time feed about great events currently happening at Melloy Nissan!

I think car buying on a social setting is fascinating, because every day is different in the world of us Car Guys.  One day ill post about Nissan Titans getting a diesel engine in 2015,  the next day ill post about Nissan offers that the public is not aware of yet, and the next day I’ll be posting about how Nissan Just announced additional bonus cash on a Nissan Juke!  Social platforms make it super simple to get a simple idea across to my customers!

What I truly enjoy the most about Social Media how easy it is to respond to Melloy Nissan Customers!  IPhones are such neat devices because, if I have a customer tweet, facebook, instagram, google plus me, I’m notified instantly so I can connect with them!

It’s truly an Honor to connect with so many customers!  Connect with Melloy Nissan today and get to know Melloy Nissan and Robert Melloy!

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