Feburary Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Nissan! ABQ N.M

The weekend is finally upon Albuquerque!  The weather is nice, tempatures are climbing, and the atmosphere at Melloy Nissan is perfect as usual! Something about mid February brings a sense of excitement to all of us at Melloy Nissan!  Sales people, managers, and our service department have this awesome energy this time of year.  I’m sure it’s the thought of transitioning to spring, but I’m also sure that Nissan Rebates this time of year plus the discounts that Melloy Nissan offers on top of rebates play a role!
New Mexico Juke

Now is the time to buy a New Vehicle at Melloy Nissan!  Take the Nissan Juke for example.  This little crossover SUV screams spring time!  This awesome AWD vehicle currently has $3750 in rebates though Nissan, and an additional $1000 dollars of saving though Melloy Nissan.  That’s $4750 in total savings!  See our jukes! 

Now let me take you to the Other Extreme in Nissan’s lineup, the Nissan Titan!  The savings on this Powerful, popular truck this time of year are astronomical!  For starters you have up to $6850 in Rebates, and an additional $1000 dollars of savings though Melloy Nissan.  That’s almost $8000 dollars in savings!  See The Nissan Titan

Click this link to see the rest of Februarys rebates http://bit.ly/1aHj8vh

One thing I’ve loved so much about working at Melloy Nissan for 10 years is that every month is unique in the Automotive industry!  Every month I will blog on www.melloynissanabq.com and let our readers know why I think every month is special and I will fill you in on awesome deals happening!

This is Rob Melloy here and I have always said in my Videos that every day is a different day at Melloy Nissan you never know what awesome story a customer may tell you or what great deals you’ll find!  This business is always changing and I’m at the forefront of redesigning this business for Internet Buyers!

Thanks again and contact me today to talk about awesome deals!!!  Leave a reply below and tell me what month is your favorite month to buy a car 🙂


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