Albuquerque Dealership With A Tech Savvy Sales Team!

Hello Albuquerque Rob Melloy Here,


I’m very proud of my Sales Team at Melloy Nissan!  Everyone on our sales team is in the process of building there very own websites!  Websites that help them communicate with their customers! This is just getting started and over the next few months you’ll see many more websites that are dedicated to our sales team!  I’ll keep blogging as more of these sites come up!

Over the next year I see Melloy Nissan re modeling the car business from the ground up! Melloy Nissan and our tech savvy sales staff are at the forefront of this movement!  Every day at Melloy Nissan is a journey that we will share with our customers via social media and personal websites!  Putting a face to Melloy Nissan is my goal, and i’m super excited to see where 2014 takes us!  Without our awesome clever sales staff non of this would be happening!  Feel free to tune in and experience this journey with us!  Here a links to all our personal websites and social media sites!

Have a fun and safe super bowl fans!

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