1. I am glad to know and have worked independently with Rob Melloy. He is a great guy and great work on the social media marketing. I am glad I could help any time. I value the skills you are adapting into the program. Dream World Auto is my Wholesale Dealership here in Albuquerque and look forward to teaming up with Rob Melloy and myself Cary G. Allen Owner, CEO & Founder of Dream World Enterprise, LLC soon to be dba as Dream World Auto. Feel free to consider Melloy Nissan as a respected ally to the Used Wholesale dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We love our clients and other respectable dealers. See you guys soon in April 1st, 2014.

    • Thanks a lot Cary same goes for working with you as well! I would like to congratulate you on all your success this New Year! Good things will happen in the world of social media this year with guys like us leading the pack!

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